SLO PCS In Processing

Step 1

Register with the NDSP before arriving at

Your benefits begin upon arrival in the UK and entrance into your new position. Please ensure you register for NDSP before registering your children at a school, or you may be stuck paying the accrued expenses out of pocket.

Step 2

Research the schools you may be interested in by using

The best way to use the website is to enter in a postcode or city (Croughton’s base post code is NN13 5XP, local towns nearby covering many of the places our families live include Bicester, Buckingham, Banbury and Brackley) and then adjust the age range to cover the ages of your children.

One thing you may need to pay attention to is the length of your tour, as depending on that length your oldest may have to switch from a primary to secondary school, or choose a school that offers Reception to yr 13.

Step 3

Contact the SLO with any questions or concerns after completing steps 1 and 2.

Review further information and checklists at the buttons linked below.