Latest Events

Fall Festival 2020

Fall Festival 2020 will be hosted by the 200 Buildings, including the Library. The event will run from 11am to 2pm on Saturday 31st October and each squadron will be allocated a time slot for families to enjoy the Candy Trail, Pumpkin Decorating and The Haunted Library.

Free frights and free snacks will be available, and everyone is required to HAVE FUN!!!

Attendees will be required to adhere to Social Distancing restrictions, including face coverings (make em Spooooooky).

Candy Trail Schedule (Fall Festival)

A ‘Squadron Schedule’ has been created in order to ensure that large numbers of participants on the Candy Trail do not congregate at any one time. Please check below for your Squadron’s window:

1100-1145: Security Forces

1145-1230: MDS, ABS, CE, Fairford, Welford, Blenheim Crescent

1230-1315: State Department

1315-1400: Comm Squadron

If you need more information please continue to monitor this page or call ABS Marketing on 236-8294 / 01280 70 8294

Movie at The Track (September 12th, 2020)