Soap Box Derby

Soap Box Derby


Event Date: August 14th 2021

Enter ASAP – Entry numbers are strictly limited!
Entry Fee – Just $5.00 per team! Payable on Sign-up at Outdoor Recreation
Possibility for teams to use an area in Auto Hobby should you need expert advice or assistance on mechanical issues


Rules and Regulations

These Rules and Regulations apply to all entries. They have been created for your safety and the safety of others around you, based on best practice, common sense and professional experience. They enable us to run the event effectively for the maximum benefit of all – please ensure you read them carefully and comply with the details. They will be enforced!

General Conditions

  1. Soapbox karts must go
  2. Soapbox Karts Must Steer
  3. Drivers and Passengers must wear helmets
  4. All Soapbox karts must have passed scrutineering before being allowed on the course
  5. All Drivers and team members assisting must be aware of the risks
  6. A $5.00 entry fee is payable on sign up by each team to cover entry and administration fees.

Design and Build

  1. All karts must be constructed with no sharp edges or protruding parts.
  2. No glass panels or screens
  3. No lose attachments or snag hazards
  4. All Karts must undergo a scrutineer’s check. If the vehicle is found to have faults these can be rectified on site before a run but must undergo a further inspection to verify the fault is rectified suitably
  5. Seats must be fixed securely
  6. Seat belts are not mandatory but highly recommended for all Kart drivers and Co Drivers
  7. Bodywork and controls must not impede the driver in exiting the vehicle unaided in case of emergency
  8. Karts must function on gravity momentum only. No sources of propulsion allowed. i.e. motors, pedals or stored potential energy sources.
  9. Steering must not have any excessive free play or any characteristic that could promote instability.
  10. All Kart decoration must be fixed and secure

Driver and Crew

  1. Driver must wear a helmet. Cycle helmets are permitted as a minimum. Motorcycle style full face helmets recommended and preferred
  2. Drivers must have Long sleeves and long trousers as a minimum in case of crashes and contact with road surface or barriers
  3. Drivers must wear Gloves
  4. We strongly recommend wearing some form of padding such as skateboard, cycling or rollerblading pads on knees and elbows
  5. Driver’s costumes must not impede vision or the exiting of the vehicle unassisted in and emergency.
  6. Crew are not permitted to push vehicle past ramp start line or follow kart along the course
  7. Only one crew member permitted to push start the Kart
  8. Crew members assisting with the launch must wear a helmet
  9. Maximum of 5 team members allowed including driver
  10. 2 drivers (Main Driver and Co Driver ) are permitted per Kart

I/We Acknowledge the rules and requirements stated above and agree that if I/We do not follow them as outlined above it could lead to injury of myself or others and at a lesser degree exclusion from participation in the event.


For More Information or to discuss tactics/aerodynamics contact Outdoor Recreation

Bldg. Number: 26

Phone: DSN 236-8419   Commercial 01280 708419

Current Hours of Operation:  10.00 -16.00 Monday – Friday