#1 CLUE: The answer begins with the letter ‘s’.

#2 CLUE: This items provides light in darkness. Look carefully at the format that the answer is required in. Use the items in your kit to help you.

#3 CLUE: The image depicts a flame.

#4 CLUE: Our friend Samuel Morse helped out with this clue. This is a cry for help!

#5 CLUE: This is a nine-letter scramble! No spaces required.

#6 CLUE: Do you have your hands full or is something missing?

#7 CLUE: Use the items in your kit to help decipher the answer to this one! Something that will help you turn letters into numbers. 

#8 CLUE: Look carefully for an item that is missing!

#9 CLUE: For this clue, you’ll want to use your chart with months and days on it.

#10 CLUE: Look carefully at all of the previous videos.

#11 CLUE: Let’s consider all of the managers that work for the 422nd Air Base Squadron.