Employee Engagement

We will be running a series of Employee Engagement sessions covering a variety of topics.

Each session will last for approximately 30 minutes and are compensated. Employees should work with their Supervisor to arrange attendance, if interested. There will be a morning session at 08.30am and an afternoon session at 15.30pm for each topic, and the sessions will be held in the Classroom of Building 202.

Upcoming Topics and Dates:

11th August 2020

401(k) – How to get guaranteed return on investment (Free Money!) and how saving will impact retirement

10th September 2020

Understanding Air Force NAF Retirement and how it complements 401(k) savings plan

6th October 2020

Understanding your Leave and Earning Statement and fixing errors

10th November 2020

Survival guide to moving from NAF to APF employment

8th December 2020

NAF employee entitlements when PCSing

Further information and/or registration can be accomplished by contacting NAF Human Resources:

DSN 236-8298. TEL 01280 70 8298. 422abs.hro@us.af.mil

Alternatively, you can complete the short form below and we will respond to you by email

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